My name is Harbeer Chahal. After a career background in manufacturing, I began this journey into knife-making by collecting custom knives. In 2015 with help from a few makers I decided to try my own hand at this craft.

I appreciate high carbon steels. They can take a keen edge well, are easy to sharpen and age with character. My goal is to make the customer a high quality knife that they enjoy using.

I forge and heat treat each blade myself in my shop in a propane forge. The heat treat process is what I enjoy the most because it is the foundation that turns ordinary steel into a useful tool. I quench the laminated steels in straight water and flash temper.

I enjoy cooking regularly and making high quality kitchen knives as well as gentleman’s folders. My knives have a thin hard edge and are known for being very sharp.

In a world where things are “made to sell” versus “made to last”, a handmade knife takes us back to the time when there was real craftsmanship and pride in producing a useful tool.